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Thinking of making the switch to the Cloud?

Find out why over 200,000 people worldwide have made the switch to Xero's online accounting solution.

With a team of ten certified Xero advisers, Vincents believes that the shift to a cloud based accounting program can save you time, simplify your record keeping and increase the accuracy of your records.
Xero is an easy to use, online cloud based accounting system, specifically designed to minimise the time and hassle of business financial administration. It gives you the ability to easily access stored files and even software from any computer or device, anywhere, anytime.

Whole-of-Government Pre-Qualified Supplier Arrangement

Vincents is a pre-qualified supplier for the provision of Professional Services to the Queensland Government for Management, Finance and Human Resources. Offer No. QGCPO 878-13.

Your guide to Fringe Tax Benefits

With the 2014 Fringe Benefits Tax year having ended on 31 March, if you are an employer that has provided any fringe benefits to employees, you may have an obligation to prepare and lodge an FBT return with the Australian Taxation Office.
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Fraud Investigation Crime Squad

There has been a recent merger in NSW with several organisations to become the Organised Crime Squad. This squad aims to investigate fraud and track the proceeds of crime, cracking down on money laundering to hit these organisations where it hurts.



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Josip Matanovic

Josip Matanovic B.Bus (Prof Acc) / CA
Director - Taxation & business solutions
Pharmacy & retail management
Pharmacy business valuations
Income tax compliance
BSA licensing compliance